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Day 30

Day 30 of #Recovery: #Detroit #Love. As cliché as the statement “if you can make it out of here, you can make it anywhere” sounds, it feels like it was a phrase custom made for #Detroiters. There’s NO PLACE like Detroit. I wouldn’t have wanted to be raised anywhere else on the planet. Although there’s a lot of #depression there, there’s even more to be proud of. I love watching and hearing about all of the new developments in my city, it’s an ongoing hope like none other. From the #Music, to the #Art, to the #Historical Neighborhoods, to the people, it’s a great city. Maybe it’s not as big of a host to #Celebrities, #Money, and #Entertainment as a lot of other cities, but that’s part of it’s greatness; it’s a city that breeds #Hustlers & #GoGetters. So, this one is my dedication to my city… a self-portrait of my city and me. I hope you enjoy.

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