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A little history about me...


I was born and raised in Detroit, MI. I am the sole source of all creative needs. Since age 14 (1994), I have taught myself how to operate as an all-in-1 art department. I landed my first graphic design job, designing logos and store ads for local Detroit boutique Strictly Sportswear, at this time. Soon after, I began designing party flyers, mixtape covers, etc. for the world famous Hip Hop Shop where I met most of the talents that I work with now, including D12, Slum Village, Trick-Trick and many more.



Graphic Design had immediately grown to be my main love. I soon noticed that I could make good money from it... reality steps into view. I started off charging anywhere from $10-$25 for flyers and my rates were the same for cassette covers. I would make anywhere from $100-$200 a week, this made me a pretty happy young man. I did my first logo design for a Dj Crew named 12Tech Mob for $50. Soon after, I was able to up my prices because of my fast growing reputation and quality work. In 1998, I linked up with a noted designer and friend of mine by the name of Waajeed, currently lead producer for The Bling47 Group/Platinum Pied Pipers. We started a partnership business that goes by the name of SkinnyBoysGraphix™. To make this long explanation of "why I am me" short, let's just say that my former partner followed his passion for music while I took control of our business and made it mine. However, I never wanted to make the "Boys" in SkinnyBoysGraphix™ singular because I feel that it was started with more than just my energy. More importantly, I believe that I am more than 1 person at times. How else could I be the project manager, head designer, illustrator, photographer, receptionist and spokesperson of my company? These types of multi-functions, tasks, and personalities... have caused me to gain several different alias names.



Currently, I spend most of my time and expertise on album cover design. I've worked on at least one component of more than 90% of Detroit's music projects. I work with everybody with disregard for financial discrimination. Everyone can't afford what I would like to charge for album cover/photography/logo design, and I understand that, so at times you can catch me still charging my '95 prices for current industry quality work. People show me respect, so in return I show them appreciation. In my 17 years of design, I've spent about 12 of them learning photography, about 3 years toying with fashion design, a few in advertising, and every single minute of all of my experience in love!!!

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